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PT. GLOBAL TRANS MARITIM, was established in 17 JULY 2020 as Shipping Agency, What we have to feel confident is that we also a member of ISAA ( Indonesian Shipping Agency Associations) . We are many participate in the development of local and international maritime business. Deciding on a Ship Agent is an indeed difficult and risky job. The most experienced Ship-Owners know that an ineffective Port Agent can result to a numerous evident losses and many more hidden costs. Our business experience decided us to create motto that only “ A Vessel Makes Money When Only at Sea”

Our Services

As an expert teams, we come to your needed of shipping to provide the best compromise between cost, speed, and reliability. Those are what our effort to prove our capability is not only arrive on the speed of our service but also how we help you to minimize your business cost. Our existence is handling the bellow services:


Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency We aim and commit to introduce world – class integrated agency services to meet customer solutions and satisfaction, as well as to.


Tugboat/ Barge Cartering

We have our own ship also joint venture. Available Time Charter or Freight Charter with competitive price.


Ship Bunker

We can supply ship’ s owner / principal if needed for their vessel intend take bunkers. The kind of bunkers accordance with PERTAMINA standard quality as main fuel supplier in Indonesia, and also the price surely meet to your approval.


Ship Manning & Crew Management ( Man Power Supply)

Our mission is to provide professional and competent crew manning service to ship owner’ s . This will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation. We offer solutions to the ship owner’ s crew manning needs at very competitive rate. The People who manage and run the affair of the company are expert in this line of crewing and manning.


Ship Chandler

To providing Supplies and equipment of vessel. Our company is committed to providing the quality products at the best available prices. The services are among other : food supplies, water supply, maintenance item requirement, chemical compound etc.


Shipping Document

Handling the arrangement of any Document related to required document for ship.

We manage each shipment with the individual ¬ attention that it deserves. Customer service is, and will continue to be of paramount importance to us. Our reputation is built on reliability, expertise and the strict fullfilment of all obligations. At Marine Shipping we believe in building lasting relationships.

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Stevedoring And Forwarder Expedition

Servicing you in case of Unload goods from ships, docks, barges, ship in the hold, using crane vessel. We also Handel the customs clearance / customs services at Port ( Export-Import) .


Crew Change

We are providing service for signing on and signing off crew and their replacement and we able to provide the picup and delivery to and from vessel.


Owner Protective Agent (OPA)

We understand, sometimes every existing shipping has a contract/condition where
it’s obligatory to appoint an agent recommended by the charterer. Therefore to
protect the ship owner we can act as OPA (Owners Protective Agent) which will
provide updated conditions and also the best cost for this service. As protective
agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any
conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.
Satisfaction of ship owners is our satisfaction as well.

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